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Why Choose Al Danah Institute?

For the last years, Al Danah Institute has helped many clients from different educational and professional backgrounds achieve their goals by pursuing internationally & locally accredited certificates. We are proud that our previously registered clients & students were totally happy and satisfied with the learning outcomes.


We offer live virtual classes that can be taken by many students from all over the world. Our training programs & courses were carefully designed and taught by certified health and safety experts who have expertise in the environment, health, and safety field. Our courses and programs have been designed to meet the job market demand and to let our students learn more about the latest industry best safety practices. Also, to give students the edge they need in a competitive job market.




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Why Should You Undergo Health & Safety Training?

Who Needs Health and Safety Training?

You do! Whether you are an employer or self-employed, are you sure that you’re up to date with how to identify the hazards and control the risks from your work? Do you know how to get help – from your trade association, your local Chamber of Commerce, or your health and safety enforcing authority? Do you know what you have to do about consulting your employees, or their representatives, on health and safety issues? If not, you would probably benefit from some training.


Your managers and supervisors do! If you employ managers or supervisors they need to know what you expect from them in terms of health and safety, and how you expect them to deliver. They need to understand your health and safety policy, where they fit in, and how you want health and safety managed. They may also need training in the specific hazards of your processes and how you expect the risks to be controlled.


Your employees do! Everyone who works for you, including self-employed people, needs to know how to work safely and without risks to health. Like your supervisors, they need to know about your health and safety policy, your arrangements for implementing it, and the part they play. They also need to know how they can raise any health and safety concerns with you.

Programs & Courses

Engineer Looking At Blueprint

Occupational Health & Safety Advanced Diploma, IASP USA

Construction Managers

Working at Heights, IASP USA

Resetting Fuse Box

Electrical Safety, IASP USA

Healthcare Workers

Public Health and Safety

Engineers Pointing At Something

Occupational Health & Safety Supervisor Diploma, IASP USA

Team of Engineers

Occupational Health & Safety Basic Diploma, IASP USA

Construction Engineer

30 Hour Safety and Health in General Industry Program, IASP USA

Mechanical Engineer

Machine Guarding- Mechanical Safety, IASP USA

Chef Portrait

Food Safety Program

Crime Scene Tape

Accident and Incident Investiagtion Training

Person In Safety Gear On Building Site

OSHA Workplace Safety Inspections and Penalties, IASP USA

Science Lab

Hazard Communication and GHS- Chemical Safety, IASP USA

Male Nurse

First Aid Training

Fire Rescue Training

Fire Safety Training

Engineer Inspecting Gas Line

Oil and Gas Program

OSHA Academy Courses and Programs, USA

Occupational Health & Safety Training Programs and Courses
OSHA Academy

Explore available OSHA Courses and Programs

Health & Safety in Oil & Gas Training Program

Become Certified Health & Safety Professional in Oil & Gas Field

Environmental Management Training Courses

Environmental Management & Specialist Training

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Leadership and Management Training

Leadership & Management  Training Courses

Explore the training courses we offer

Accreditation & Awarding Bodies

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WHAT our students SAY

informative course and excellent conductors. I received great material to go over later.

Maitha Al Mazroui, Chemical Engineer

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