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Hotel Desk Check-In

Hotel Management Training Course- HMC 101

This training course is designed to help hotel managers, front desk receptionists, and operations managers develop their communication skills, and learn how to maintain a professional appearance and attitude.


The knowledge that learners gain from this course will enable them to provide guests with a positive stay and dine-in, conduct business meeting/casual meeting experiences, and make their hotel's customer service stand out.

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It helps you maintain the highest standards of customer service at all times

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Custom-Tailored to meet the job market demand

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Facilitating repeat business and positive recommendations

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Developed by experts in hotel management

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of the Hotel Management Course, participants will:

  • Understand why good hospitality service is important and recognize what skills you need to deliver it.

  • Know how to make a good impression through your appearance, body language, personality, and attitude.

  • Be able to help keep the hotel presentable and hygienic.

  • Understand how to effectively serve guests, from the moment they arrive to when they leave.

  • Be able to fulfill orders professionally and in a way that shows guests you care.

  • Know how to deal with complaints.

  • Recognize the importance of knowing your room's specifications and hotel facility.


  • Understand how to give recommendations and upsell effectively.

  • Know what the law requires of your hotel and how you can help to comply with these requirements.

Professional Development & Job Market Demand

  • Finding a job:

    • The hospitality ​field is one of the fastest-growing fields in the global job market. Having adequate knowledge of hotel management will serve you well throughout your career.

  • Professional Development:

    • ​Professionals who decide to continue their education are establishing a commitment to their profession that will likely have them re-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and look honestly at where they are and where they’d like to be. Employees who pursue continuing education credits may enhance their self-image in the process as they have a positive effect on how employers and other professionals perceive them.

  • Meeting Employers Minimum Requirements:

    • ​Hotels, resorts, and restaurants in the UAE are constantly looking for managers with strong customer support skills, excellent communication skills, and eagerness to develop themselves. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction to Hotel Management

    • The introduction to this course explains why you need to provide the best customer service. You will learn an initial overview of the skills required to do this, why good customer service benefits your business, and the consequences of getting customer service wrong.​

  • Managing Teams

    • Managing teams requires certain skills. You will learn how to treat your staff positively, encourage them to level up their performance, and how to be a good role model for them. 

  • Making an Impression

    • First impressions are vital, and this module will show you how to make a good first impression on your customers, from your appearance to taking bookings on the phone and preparing tables before the arrival of the customers.

  • Serving Guests

    • We break down the entire customer service process step by step to show you how to provide the best service for your customers at all times. You will gain knowledge of how to deal with any complaints that may arise. By the end of this module, you will be confident in ensuring your guests are well looked after.

  • Regulatory Compliance

    • Understand what your obligations are to UAE law, including licensing law. This includes practical help on how to confront customers politely and safely. The module also makes you aware of what other training should be carried out to ensure you operate safely and legally.​

Duration & Delivery & Medium of Instruction


  • 2 Days


  • Live virtual training on Zoom 

Medium of Instruction:

  • English 

  • Arabic

  • Urdu


  • Please select the dates and timings that suit you from the schedule below

Course Certificate

Upon completion of the hotel management training course, participants will receive the following certificate:


  • Hotel Management Certificate


  • Lifetime


699 AED   

399 AED   


To register for this training program, Please send the following to the registration team via email/ WhatsApp:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address

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