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Electrical Safety Training Program

The Electrical Safety Training Program is designed to ensure that both employers and employees understand the main risks and the necessary controls for the safe use of electricity at work. Wherever people are working, there are risks to the users of electrical installations and equipment that must be considered.

Program Overview

Learning Objectives

Upon successful completion of IASP Electrical Safety Training, You will:

  • Understand why training in electrical safety is essential for maintaining health and safety.

  • Have knowledge of your employer's, and your own, responsibilities under electrical safety legislation.

  • Understand what is involved in carrying out a risk assessment of the workplace.

  • Understand the importance of maintaining and inspecting electrical equipment.

  • Have knowledge of the controls that can be used to help make working with electricity safer.

  • Understand the best practices when working with electricity, including overhead power lines, underground cables, and indoor work near a source of electricity.

Professional Development

  • Finding a job

    • ​Even in the most uncertain economic conditions, employees who have completed continuing education credits will likely improve their marketability as a professional. Since continuing education programs provide specific career-related training, employers recognize the value of CEUs and are more likely to hire candidates who have been accredited over non-accredited candidates.

  • Personal Development

    • ​Professionals who decide to continue their education are establishing a commitment to their profession that will likely have them re-evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and look honestly at where they are and where they’d like to be. Employees who pursue continuing education credits may enhance their self-image in the process as they have a positive effect on how employers and other professionals perceive them.

  • Meeting Employers Minimum Requirements

    • ​Companies in the UAE are constantly looking for professionals with strong abilities, noticeable skills, and eagerness to develop themselves. 

Program Topics

  • Introduction to Electrical Safety

    • What is electrical safety? Statistics for electrical accidents, types of accidents and injuries, common causes of accidents and injuries, employer duties, the Health and Safety at Work Act, and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations

  • Risk Assessment

    • What is a risk assessment? Key definitions, who should carry out a risk assessment? Identifying electrical hazards, the fire triangle, deciding who may be harmed and how to evaluate risks, the hierarchy of control, recording findings, and reviewing the risk assessment.​

  • Controlling Hazards

    • Safe installations, safe electrical equipment, duties on manufacturers, importers, or distributors, electrical controls and isolation, harsh work environments, portable electrical equipment, residual current devices, warning signs, fire safety, safe maintenance, and pre-use checks, inspections, and combined inspections and tests.​

  • Working Safely with Electrical Equipment

    • Working near electrical installations, equipment and wiring, risk assessments and safe systems of work, overhead power lines, underground cables, working on equipment, machinery or installations, explosive atmospheres, competency requirements for working on or near live electrical equipment, instruction, information and training, safe methods of working - PPE, duties on manufacturers and suppliers of PPE, and safe methods of working ​


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Telecommunications Engineers

  • Health and Safety Engineers

  • Health and Safety Officers

Program Trainers

Our Trainers are highly qualified, and they have decades of experience in the health, safety, environment, and quality field.


Program Certificate

  • Program Certificate:

    • Electrical Safety Training Program Certificate​

  • Validity:

    • Lifetime​

  • Awarding Body:

    • International Association of Safety Professionals, USA​

Sample Certificate

IASP Electrical Safety Sample Certificate.png


999 AED

499 AED


To register for this training program, please send the following:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • Email Address


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