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Electrical Safety Training Program- 

Internationally Accredited 

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"Very informative things learned from you.Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge about electrical safety and standards."

Sathya Sakthi, An Electrical Engineer

Program Introduction

The Electrical Safety Training Program aims to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to work safely with electrical equipment and systems. The program covers various aspects of electrical safety, including the identification of electrical hazards, the importance of proper equipment maintenance, and emergency response procedures.

Program Overview

Learning Objectives


Understanding The International and Local Electrical Safety Regulations and Compliance Requirements


Knowing Your Safety Responsibilities as an Electrical and Electronics Engineer or Electrician


Understanding the Basic Electrical Risk Assessment


Knowing The Control Measures that Should Be Taken to Reduce and Eliminate The Risks


Understanding the Best Practices when Working with Electricity, Including Overhead Power Lines, Underground Cables, and Indoor Work near a Source of Electricity


Recognizing the Importance of Personal Protective Equipment and Its Proper Use


Understanding the Emergency Procedures for Electrical Incidents, Including Electrical Shock and Fire

Professional Development & Job Market Demand for Electrical Safety Certificate 

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Every Employer Has a Legal Obligation Toward the Safety of Their Employees. Therefore, Learning Electrical Safety will Help You Comply with the Regulations

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Learning The Fundamentals of Electrical Safety will Serve You Well Throughout Your Career Journey. Also, It Will Equip You with the Skills Required for Career Advancement


Taking Electrical Safety Training will Improve Your Marketability as an Electrical or Telecommunications Enginneer/ Technician

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Holding an Internationally Accredited Electrical Safety Certificate will Open a Door for More Job Opportunities in the UAE and Globally 


  • Electrical and Electronics Engineers

  • Telecommunications Engineers

  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineers

  • Industrial Engineers

  • Machine Guarding Specialists

  • Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineers

  • Health and Safety Engineers

  • Health and Safety Officers

Program Topics


Introduction to Electrical Safety:

  • Safety Basic Principles of Electricity

  • Common Electrical Hazards


Electrical Safety Standards and Regulations:

  • Overview of relevant OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) standards

  • Compliance requirements


Electrical Hazards and Risk Assessment:

  • Types of electrical hazards (e.g., shock, arc flash)

  • Risk assessment methodologies


Safe Work Practices:

  • Lockout/tagout procedures

  • Proper use of tools and equipment

  • Working on or near energized equipment


Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Selection and use of appropriate PPE

  • Insulation and protective clothing


Electrical Equipment Maintenance:

  • Importance of regular inspections and maintenance

  • Procedures for equipment testing and troubleshooting


Emergency Response:

  • Basic First aid for electrical shock

  • Basic Procedures for responding to electrical fires

  • Evacuation protocols

Duration & Delivery & Medium of Instruction

Duration: ​

  • 4 days, 2 hours each day


  • Live virtual training on Zoom

Medium of Instruction:

  • English

  • Arabic


Program Trainers

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Senior HSE Trainer & Consultant
Laila Ali

Ms. Laila Ali is one of the few competent health and safety trainers in the UAE. Her unique teaching methodology makes her one of the few favorite health and safety trainers in the UAE. She focuses on student-equal participation and interaction. Also, she simplifies the complex topics. 

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Health & Safety Trainer and Specialist
Wagdi Han

Mr. Wagdi is a pioneer in the occupational health and safety field. He has decades of expertise in delivering all workplace safety programs and courses in the UAE, the Middle East, and Globally. 


Upon successful completion of the training program, participants will receive the following certificates:

  • Main Program Certificate:

    • IASP/ NASP Electrical Safety Training Program Certificate​

  • Other Program Certificates:

    1. Electrical Hazard Identification​ and Control Measures Certificate

    2. Electrical Risk Assessment Certificate

    3. Electrical Safety Inspections Certificate

  • Validity:

    • Lifetime


  • Accreditation:

    • THE IASP/NASP Certificate is accredited internationally by IACET AND ANSI

  • Note: The awarding body will issue the program certificate within one week. 

Sample Certificate- International

IASP Electrical Safety Sample Certificate.png


999 AED

499 AED

**The Offer Ends on 31 May 2024**

Registration Process

Filling Out a Form

To register for the training, please send the following via email/ Whatsapp:

  1. Select the dates and the timings from the schedule below

  2. Send your full name, address, and phone number

  3.  The invoice will be sent, and once you complete the payment you will receive a confirmation email 

        E-mail:                       WhatsApp#: +971553612780

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