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First Aid at Work Training Course

"Great first aid course taken with the instructor Ms. Laila". 

Engineer at Construction Site


The First Aid Course is suitable for employees across all industries who may be designated as workplace first aiders, safety coordinators, supervisors, or team leaders. It is also beneficial for individuals seeking to enhance their emergency preparedness and response skills in a professional setting.

Participants will learn to assess emergency situations swiftly, initiate appropriate response protocols, and implement crucial first aid techniques tailored for workplace incidents. The training focuses on building confidence in handling common emergencies such as injuries, sudden illnesses, and accidents, fostering a proactive safety culture among all team members.

Course Introduction

Learning Objectives


Understanding the role and responsibilities of a workplace first aider:

  • Define the responsibilities and duties of a first aider in the workplace, including assessing situations, providing immediate care, and summoning additional assistance when necessary.


Learning how to assess and prioritize the needs of an injured or ill person:

  • Understand the urgency of every case, and based on that the first aider takes an immediate emergency response.


Wound Care and Bleeding Control:

  • Learn proper wound care techniques, including cleaning, dressing, and bandaging wounds to prevent infection and promote healing, as well as applying direct pressure and elevation to control bleeding.


Use of First Aid Equipment:

  • Familiarize oneself with common first aid equipment, such as bandages, dressings, splints, and adhesive tapes, and learn how to use them effectively to provide basic medical care in emergencies.


Choking Response:

  • Develop skills in responding to choking emergencies in adults, children, and infants, including performing abdominal thrusts (Heimlich maneuver) and back blows to dislodge obstructed airways and restore normal breathing.


Communication and Reporting:

  • Learn how to communicate effectively with casualties, bystanders, and emergency medical services (EMS), and understand the importance of accurate documentation and reporting of first aid incidents.


Tour Guides:

  • Enhanced Safety: Tour guides often work in dynamic and outdoor environments where accidents or medical emergencies can occur. First aid training equips them with the skills to handle injuries, illnesses, or accidents that may arise among tourists or fellow guides.


  • Workplace Safety: Administrators oversee operations where employees and visitors may require immediate medical assistance. First aid training ensures they can respond promptly to emergencies until professional help arrives.

Teachers and Educators:

  • First aid training enables educators to respond effectively to medical emergencies that may occur in schools or during field trips.

Sports Coaches and Fitness Instructors:

  • Coaches and instructors often work with individuals engaged in physical activities where injuries can occur.

Security Personnel:

  • Security personnel encounter diverse situations where first aid knowledge is essential, such as responding to accidents, medical emergencies, or assisting with events.

Hotel and Hospitality Staff:

  • Staff in hotels and hospitality settings interact with guests from diverse backgrounds and may encounter medical emergencies.

Corporate Employees:

  • Employees in corporate settings can benefit from first aid training as part of workplace safety initiatives.

Parents and Caregivers:

  • First aid training is invaluable for parents and caregivers as they are often the first responders to accidents or medical emergencies involving children or family members.

Course Trainer

Trainer Laila Photo.JPG

Laila Ali

Ms. Laila Ali is a Health and Safety Specialist, Trainer, and Consultant. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science. She uses the modern teaching methodology that focuses on open discussions and equal participation. Our previously registered clients were very satisfied with the learning outcomes met. She has delivered thousands of training hours to all levels. Also, she is bilingual which makes her deliver the information effectively.

Professional Development and Career Prospect


Job Market:

  • Employers across various industries value employees who are trained in first aid. Industries such as healthcare, education, construction, hospitality, sports and recreation, and many others require employees who can respond effectively to emergencies. Having first aid certification can make job applicants more attractive to employers, especially in roles where safety and quick response to accidents or medical emergencies are critical.


Regulatory Compliance:

  • In many workplaces, having staff trained in first aid is a regulatory requirement. Regulatory bodies often mandate that certain numbers of employees hold valid first aid certifications based on the type of industry, the size of the organization, and the nature of work being performed. Adhering to these regulations not only ensures legal compliance but also contributes to a safer work environment.


Career Prospects:

  • First aid certification enhances career prospects by demonstrating an individual's ability to handle emergencies competently. It reflects a commitment to workplace safety and employee well-being, qualities that are highly valued by employers.


Professional Recognition:

  • Holding a valid first aid certification enhances your professional credibility and demonstrates your commitment to workplace safety and emergency preparedness.

Program Trainers

Trainer Laila Photo.JPG

Senior HSE Trainer & Consultant
Laila Ali

Ms. Laila Ali is one of the few competent health and safety trainers in the UAE. Her unique teaching methodology makes her one of the few favorite health and safety trainers in the UAE. She focuses on student-equal participation and interaction. Also, she simplifies the complex topics. 

NEBOSH IGC new post DEC, 2020_edited.jpg

Health & Safety Trainer and Specialist
Wagdi Han

Mr. Wagdi is a pioneer in the occupational health and safety field. He has decades of expertise in delivering all workplace safety programs and courses in the UAE, the Middle East, and Globally. 

Duration & Delivery & Language of Training

Duration: ​

  • 2 hours


  • Live virtual training on Zoom

Medium of Instruction:

  • English

  • Arabic

  • Hindi/ Urdu


Upon successful completion of the First Aid at Work Training, participants will get the following certificate:


Course Certificate:

  • First Aid at Work Certificate


  • 2 Years

Awarding Body:

  • Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety 


Fees Per Participant: 

  • 250 AED

  • Including the training and the certificate

Note: Group Registrations will get further discounts based on the total number of participants per group.

Registration Process

Filling Out a Form

To register for the training, please send the following via email/ Whatsapp:

  1. Select the dates and the timings from the schedule above

  2. Send your full name, address, and phone number

  3.  The invoice will be sent, and once you complete the payment you will receive a confirmation email 



WhatsApp#: +971553612780                   

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