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First Aid Training Course

The First Aid Training Course is designed carefully to help companies in the UAE meet regulatory compliance and ensure that all levels of learners get up-to-date first aid skills.


This training course goes beyond the classic first aid training. It focuses on the psychology of first-aiders, the proper way of responding in an emergency, reporting, and minimizing the risks at the scene., and how to avoid serious injuries. 

This training course will help you meet the regulatory compliance in the UAE [It's recognized in all Emirates]

Course Overview

Learning Objectives

By the end of this course, you will be able to:

  • Identify your responsibilities in line with the appropriate first aid regulations.

  • Implement effective infection prevention and control methods when performing first aid.

  • Describe how to carry out primary and secondary surveys.

  • Determine the required response for a variety of injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions and in emergencies.

Course Topics

  • Law and Regulatory Compliance

    • This module introduces the topic of first aid in the workplace, provides guidance on your responsibilities under the key legislation, and explains the significance of infection prevention and control.

  • The Primary Survey, Secondary Survey, and Recovery Position

    • ​This module outlines how to effectively perform the primary and secondary surveys to determine the most appropriate first aid response and provides instructions on how to maneuver casualties into the recovery position. 

  • Responding to Emergency Situations

    • ​This module will outline the appropriate first aid responses to a range of emergency and potentially life-threatening situations, including heart attacks. 

  • Treating Injuries

    • ​This module explains how to respond appropriately to a variety of injuries, including both minor and severe, that may occur in the workplace. 

  • Responding to Health Emergencies

    • ​This module outlines how to identify the signs and symptoms of common illnesses and provides information on the correct steps to take to treat them. 

Delivery & Duration

  • Delivery

    • Individuals: Online Training on Zoom

    • Companies: Online Training on Zoom OR Face-to-Face Training at the Client's Premises

  • Duration

    • 2 Hours

  • Medium of Instruction:

    • English

    • Arabic

    • Urdu


Face-Face Training Schedule 

Online Training Schedule 

Note: Companies can request a private face-face training at their premises.

Course Trainers

Our Trainers are highly qualified, and they have decades of experience in the health, safety, environment, and quality field.

Request A Quotation- Companies

To request a quotation, please send the following to the registration team:

  • Company Name, Address, and Phone Number

  • The Total Number Of Participants

  • The Preferred Method of Delivery [ Face-Face at your premises/ Online on Zoom]


To register for this training course, please send the following to the registration team via Email/ WhatsApp:

  • Your Full Name, Address, Email, and Phone Number

  • The Preferred Date- From the Schedule Above

Private Training at Clients' Premises

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Our Clients

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