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Working at Heights Training Course- Accredited

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"I'm happy to say that it was evident that the instructor possesses a remarkable level of knowledge, expertise, and a genuine passion for teaching. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from such an extraordinary instructor and would highly recommend their classes to anyone seeking an informative learning experience.

Hamda Abdulla, An Engineer

Learning Objectives

1. Understanding the risks and hazards associated with working at heights.

2. Identifying and assessing potential fall hazards in the workplace.

3. Learning about relevant legislation, regulations, and industry standards related to working at heights.

4. Understanding the importance of proper planning and risk assessment before undertaking work at heights.

5. Learning about different types of fall protection systems and equipment, such as harnesses, lanyards, and anchor points.

6. Familiarizing oneself with the proper selection, inspection, and use of fall protection equipment.

7. Gaining knowledge of safe work practices and procedures for working at heights, including ladder safety, scaffolding safety, and working on roofs or elevated platforms.

8. Understanding emergency procedures and rescue techniques specific to working at heights.

9. Developing the ability to effectively communicate and coordinate with team members during work at heights operations.

Why Choose Al Danah Institute?

Course Topics

1. Introduction to working at heights

2. Risk assessment and hazard identification

3. Fall protection systems

4. Ladders and scaffolding safety

5. Fall prevention and fall arrest techniques

6. Emergency procedures and rescue

7. Equipment inspection and maintenance

Delivery & Duration

  • Delivery:

    • Online on Zoom​

  • Duration:

    • 2 Hours

  • Medium of Instruction:

    • English​

    • Arabic

    • Urdu


  • Please reach out to the registration team

Trainer Profile

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Laila Ali

Ms. Laila Ali is a Health and Safety Specialist, Trainer, and Consultant. She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science. She uses the modern teaching methodology that focuses on open discussions and equal participation. Our previously registered clients were very satisfied with the learning outcomes met. She has delivered thousands of training hours to all levels. Also, she is bilingual which makes her deliver the information effectively.

Sample Certificate- International

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Employers can request a quotation from the registration team via email/ WhatsApp:

Please share the following information

  • Company Name, Address, and Phone Number

  • The Total Number of Participants

  • The Preferred Date- From the Schedule Above

Call/ WhatsApp: +971553612780

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