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Occupational Health and Safety Basic Diploma

Occupational Health and Safety Basic Diploma Certificate demonstrate to employers, potential employers that you have a proven set of knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of workplace safety.

Course Topics delve into the intricacies of being a safety professional and far exceed mere OSHA and other regulatory requirements. They will equip you with the tools and resources you need to truly reduce job-related injuries and illnesses and focus on the human dynamics within the safety field.

Learning the fundamentals of health and safety at the workplace will let you understand your duties as an engineer/ health and safety professional. It will guide you through the Health and Safety at Work Act, and give you a strong understanding of the working environment. This is essential knowledge for employees in any organization and will serve you well throughout your career.

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Learning Outcomes

Duration & Mode of Delivery





Sample- Certificate



Frequently Asked Questions

Sample- Wallet Card

Upon completion of the training, students will: ​​

  • Help their companies avoid the distress that accidents and ill health cause.

  • Help their employers avoid the financial costs of accidents and occupational ill-health, such as damaged products, lost production, and demotivated staff.

  • Understand the importance of health and safety at the workplace

  • Implement and follow safety regulations.

  • Identify hazards at the workplace.

  • Understand the importance of maintaining a safe workplace​ and protecting the health and welfare of everyone in the work environment including casual workers, temps, the self-employed, clients, visitors, and the general public.

  • 4 Days 

  • Live virtual training on zoom

  1. Employer's Responsibilities and Employee's Rights

  2. Hazardous Materials

  3. Hazard Communication 

  4. Basic Electrical Safety

  5. Ergonomics and Office Safety

  6. Basic Record Keeping System

  7. Personal Protective Equipment [PPE]

  1. There are no pre-requisite requirements. 

  2. Anyone can attend this course.

  • On the last day of training, participants will undergo multiple choices exam. 

  • The exam paper will be sent to each participant via email. 

  • 20 Multiple Choices Questions

Upon successful completion of training, attendees will receive: 

Certificate: Occupational Health and Safety Basic Diploma

Awarding Body: International Association of Safety Professionals, North Carolina- USA

Occupational Health and Safety Basic Diploma Certificate is accredited by: 

IACET: International Association of Continuing Education and Training

ANSI: American National Standard Institute

NQA: National Qualification Authority 

ACTVET: Abu Dhabi Center for Technical and Vocational Training and Education

OSH Supervisor Diploma New Sample Certificate.png


OSH Basic Diploma Sample Wallet Card.png


960 AED


I live in Dubai, does it require my presence in Abu Dhabi in order to receive the certificate?


It does not require your presence at the Institute's headquarters in Abu Dhabi to receive the certificate

The certificate will be sent to your address in Dubai/ Sharjah/ Ajman/ Ras Al Khaima/ Fujairah.


Is the certificate accredited in the UAE?


Yes, all certificates issued by the Danah Institute are accredited in the country


Is the certificate accredited outside the UAE?


Yes, this certificate is internationally accredited in all countries

Question 4

Is there an exam after completing this training course?


Yes, there is a final exam. On the last day of training, you will receive two papers. Questions Paper and Answers Paper and you will have 24- hours to submit it. No failure. Exams were made to test students' knowledge and learning outcomes. 


I'm planning to immigrate to the USA. Is this diploma certificate accredited there? ​


Yes, it's accredited and recognized in the United States. 


I'm planning to immigrate to the UK. Is this diploma certificate accredited there?


Yes, it's accredited internationally and in the UK. 


Can I find a job with this certificate? 


We can't say that you will find the job immediately after receiving this certificate, but it will be helpful when you add it to your cv. We had students who enrolled in this course, and they found jobs in the UAE [ governmental and private companies]


You offer three-level- diploma- Basic & Supervisor & advanced. Which one should I start with? ​


If you don't have previous experience in health and safety. You can start with Basic Diploma to learn the fundamentals. 


I live in Ras Al Khaima. Can I attend this diploma training? ​

How will I receive the certificate?  


Yes, you can. It's online training on zoom with our trainer.

Upon completion of the training, we will ship the certificate to your address in RAK. 


Where is the institute headquarters?


Abu Dhabi, Dalma Street, opposite the old Sheikh Zayed University


How can I register?​


It's simple.


Select the date that suits you from the schedule above.


Send your full name, address, and phone number to [

After that, you will receive an invoice. 

After you proceed with payment, you will receive a confirmation email with zoom link invitation + course materials. 


Keyboard and Mouse

WHAT our students SAY

Training Was Informative.
Thanks a lot.

Mohamed Asif Shah, An Engineer

ADNOC LNG, Offshore

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