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HACCP Level 2 Training Course

By law, all food businesses – including catering, retail, and manufacturing – must have an effective food safety management system in place. This Level 2 HACCP for Catering and Retail course will introduce learners to the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points management system and help them to understand how to comply with the law, how to work safely and efficiently, and what each crucial step of the HACCP implementation process entails. This course has been written specifically for those who work in a catering or food retail environment.

By the end of the course, learners will have a thorough understanding of why HACCP is important, knowledge of the importance of having effective prerequisites in place, how the 7 HACCP principles can be implemented, and what can be done to identify food safety hazards and to ensure the food handled in their business remains safe for the consumer.

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Recognized in the UAE- All Emirates

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Custom-Tailored to Meet The Job Market Demand

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Ensures Compliance with UAE and International Regulations

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Developed by Qualified Food Safety Trainers and Consultants

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this training course learners will:

  • Know food hygiene legislation and recognize why HACCP is relevant.

  • Understand the main categories of food safety hazards.

  • Be aware of the seven principles of HACCP.

  • Understand the importance of having effective prerequisites in place before implementing a HACCP system.

  • Understand what's involved in setting up a HACCP system.

  • Know more about identifying food safety hazards and their appropriate control measures.

  • Understand the importance of continually monitoring the HACCP system.

Regulatory Compliance

By providing effective training, employers can help to ensure that everyone in the workplace is competent to carry out their work safely.


Managers, supervisors, and other members of staff should be able to recognize the hazards posed by their work, be able to take action to reduce or eliminate the risks, and understand how to follow procedures. 

Course Topics

  • Introduction to HACCP

    • What is HACCP?, what is Safer Food, Better Business (SFBB)?, key terms, legislation, benefits of HACCP, enforcing the law.​

  • Microbial Hazards

    • ​Microbial hazards, pathogenic bacteria, spoilage bacteria, high and low-risk foods, food preservation, viral contamination.

  • Food Safety Hazards

    • How contamination applies to HACCP, physical contamination, chemical contamination, allergenic contamination, cross-contamination, fraud, and tampering.​

  • Creating a HACCP System

    • The basics of HACCP, create a HACCP team, describe the products and ingredients, identify the uses and consumers of the products, construct a flow diagram, and confirm the flow diagram.​

  • The 7 Principles: Hazard Analysis and Control Measures

    • The seven principles of HACCP, are hazard analysis, determining critical control points, the codex decision tree, and establishing critical limits.​

  • The 7 Principles: Monitoring and Verification

    • Monitor critical control points, establish corrective actions, establish verification procedures, review the HACCP plan, and record-keeping.​

Duration & Delivery & Medium of Instruction


  • 2 Days 


  • Live virtual training on Zoom 

Medium of Instruction:

  • English 

  • Arabic



Upon completion of the HACCP Training Course, Participants will get the Following Certificate:


  • HACCP Level 2 Certificate


  • 2 Years


  • 599 AED

  • 399 AED


To register for this training program, please send the following:

  • Full Name

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • E-mail Address

  • The suitable training dates from the schedule above

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