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Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Training Course

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“The training was very informative, the instructor was engaging, and the training sessions were interactive.”, Zeyar Aung,  Assistant Professor, Computational Sustainability, Cyber Security, Data Mining, Machine Learning- Khalifa University


Course Overview


This COSHH training course provides an understanding of hazardous substances, as outlined within the Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH). It will equip you with the knowledge needed to identify hazardous substances in your workplace and understand the legal requirements of COSHH.


This COSHH training course provides suitable training for all levels of employees who work or may come into contact with, hazardous substances in the workplace. All employees must have the necessary knowledge to be competent and do the job properly. This includes but is not limited to, people who work in professions such as:

  • Catering and baking

  • Cleaning

  • Beauty and hairdressing

  • Engineering

  • Vehicle repair and painting

  • Welding

  • Offshore oil and gas

  • Printing

  • Woodworking

  • Agriculture

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of COSHH Training, you will:


  • Know how to identify hazardous substances in their workplace.

  • Understand the ill health effects that hazardous substances cause.

  • Understand COSHH legal requirements.

  • Know how a COSHH risk assessment is carried out.

  • Understand what control measures will be put in place by employers to manage the risks posed by hazardous substances.

  • Know what employees should do to follow safety procedures.

  • Understand the importance of health surveillance for employees who work with certain hazardous substances.

As an Employer, enrolling your staff in this training will: 

  • Reduce the likelihood of work-related injuries.

  • Reduce liabilities, workers' compensation, and employee turnover.

  • Meet HSE Compliance requirements to provide safety and health training to employees.

  • Help ensure your employees go home safe and healthy each day.

Regulatory Compliance and Enrollment Benefits

Our  Training Programs and Certificates are globally recognized. This global recognition will help you gain the credibility you want as an engineer/ any professional who is committed to professional development.

Companies in the UAE recognize our certificates. 


Also: If you plan to work outside the UAE, holding an internationally recognized certificate will serve you well. 

Topics Covered in this Course

  • Introduction to Hazardous Substances and COSHH

    • What is a substance hazardous to health?, who's affected by hazardous substances at work?, what is COSHH and who has duties under it?, other duties under the COSHH regulations, the COSHH approved code of practice, where does COSHH apply?, other specific regulations for hazardous and dangerous substances, why is COSHH important?, common hazardous substances, where are hazardous substances used?, ill-health effects from hazardous substances, statistics on ill-health and hazardous substances, and benefits of COSHH.

  • Ill-Health Effects from Hazardous Substances at Work

    • The main health effects at work, are routes of entry, respiratory illnesses, occupational cancer, skin problems and diseases, occupational dermatitis, occupational asthma, biological agents, toxic or asphyxiant substances, and effects of hazardous substances on health.​

  • COSHH Requirements for Risk Assessment

    • ​Key definitions, legal requirements, and risk assessments, what is a risk assessment?, risk assessments and COSHH, who should carry out a risk assessment? identifying the hazards, determining who may be harmed and how to evaluate the risks and implement controls, recording risk assessment findings, and reviewing and updating the assessment.

  • Control Measures for Hazardous Substances: Part 1​

    • ​Substitution and changing the process, engineering controls, safe system of work, storage, transport, handling, and use, personal protective equipment (PPE), respiratory protective equipment (RPE), hazard warning labeling and packaging, and safety data sheets.

  • ​Control Measures for Hazardous Substances: Part 2

    • Maintenance, examinations, and testing, pre-use checks, requirements for PPE and RPE, monitoring exposure in the workplace and WELs, health surveillance, information, instruction, and training, and accidents, incidents, and emergencies.​

Course Trainer/s

Laila Ali Bano Photo.jpg

Laila Ali

A Lead Environment, Health, Safety, and Quality

Trainer, Consultant, and Specialist

A competent health and safety trainer with an excellent track record in delivering hundreds of successful training to all levels of learners. 

Her unique methods of teaching make her an outstanding trainer.

She holds a Master of Science in Environmental Science 

She is OSHA Certified Lead Trainer

She is First Aid, Fire Safety, Working at Heights, Confined Space Entry, Food Safety, and Hygiene Lead Trainer.


  • It takes 2 hours to complete this training course.

  • Live virtual training on Zoom 

  • English/ Arabic/ Urdu

In-House Training

  • Companies can request face-face training on their premises/ online training on Zoom. 

  • To request a quotation: Please send the following 

    • Company Name​

    • Address

    • Total Number of Participants

    • Preferred Method of Delivery [ Online/ Face-Face on your premises] 


Why Register for OSH Training?

Why Choose Al Danah Institute?

Course Certificate

Upon completion of the training, participants will get the following certificate:

  • Main Course Certificate:

    • Control of Substances Hazardous to Health

Accreditation Letter

ATP_Certificate_Al_Danah_ Accreditation 2023_Image.jpg

 Registration Process

Registration Steps: 

  • Select the suitable date from the schedule above

  • Send your [ Full Name, Address, and Phone Number

To: OR to Our Business WhatsApp Number +971553612780

Next: You will receive the quotation/ invoice.


After you complete the payment, you will receive a confirmation email with a Zoom invitation. 

Clients' Reviews

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Alia Almansoori

"I learned a lot of stuff, and I liked the way how the trainer encouraged interaction and engagement during the training sessions. "

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Hessa Alshehhi

"The way the trainer presented the content was very good, and the information is so useful."

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Fatma Ahli

"The trainer is knowledgeable about the training topics. I liked the methodology of teaching of instructor Laila."

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Moza Almuhairi

"The topics were covered in OSHA Program were relevant to my scope of work, and the training was beneficial."

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Asma Alhanaee

"The OSHA Training Program was very well presented and informative."

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Hajar Albedwawi

"I liked the virtual class environment and the engagement."

hessa al shehi review_edited.jpg

Maryam Alfalasi

"I liked how the OSHA Program covers all aspects related to health and safety briefly."

rashid nasser review_edited.jpg

Hamad Alqahtani

"The trainer was well prepared, and everything was great."

Al Danah's Clients

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