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Safety Management Systems- Fundamentals

This training course has been designed  to provide entrants to the aviation industry, including service providers, and airline frontline personnel, with an overview and understanding of the key principles and concepts associated with Safety Management Systems (SMS). As an outcome of this training, learners will acquire the necessary knowledge, skill and attitudes to support their organization’s SMS and increase aviation safety.


Dangerous Goods Safety Regulations

Establish a strong knowledge foundation of Dangerous Goods Regulations (DGR) and learn how to apply them successfully in your daily work. Also, participants gain the skills they need to process shipments containing dangerous goods by air and to accurately complete related air transport documentation, fulfilling the regulatory requirements DGR. This training course will ensure that you have current knowledge of the legal requirements, operational restrictions, packaging instructions, marking, labelling and documentation regulation for dangerous goods, all in accordance with the current edition of IATA Dangerous Goods Regulations manual.

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Airside Safety Management & Compliance

Safety compliance in airside safety operations is the key to avoid  and damaging accidents and costly incidents.. This course demonstrates how to align with the latest regulations and best practices, providing detailed explanations on the role of airside safety in the Safety Management System (SMS).

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Basic Airside Safety 

An interactive, flexible, and effective way of learning about the airport environment, airside safety, rules, aircraft danger zones, fire prevention and in the event of an incident, know the procedures to follow in fire action and how to administer first aid. Ideal for individuals or organizations with a high number of trainees who want to learn the requirements of getting airside access.

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Flying During a Pandemic – Cabin Crew Awareness

This training course provides current and future cabin crew members with an overall understanding of the temporary measures and procedures that are being adopted in the aviation industry while flying during the COVID-19 pandemic. Participants will learn about the new health and sanitary measures to keep yourself and others safe. Explore cabin crew duties and responsibilities during a public health emergency, such as handling a suspected case of communicable disease onboard and dealing with increased passenger stress.

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Fatigue Management Fundamentals

Fatigue degrades various types of human performance and is inevitable in a 24/7 industry like aviation. It is a very real hazard that is a prime causal factor in many accidents and is associated with many functions of operations. Regulators therefore require that fatigue be included in safety analysis. Consequently, more and more airlines and service providers are actively managing fatigue.