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OSHA Advanced Electrical Safety Program
For Supervisors and Technicians

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OSHA Advanced Electrical Safety Training Program

This program will present many topics. There are four main types of electrical injuries: electrocution (death due to electrical shock), electrical shock, burns, and falls. The dangers of electricity, electrical shock, and the resulting injuries will be discussed.


The various electrical hazards will be described. You will learn about the 3-STEP Electrical Safety Model, an important tool for recognizing, evaluating, and controlling hazards.


Important definitions and notes are shown in the margins. Practices that will help keep you safe and free of injury are emphasized. To give you an idea of the hazards caused by electricity, case studies about real-life deaths will be described.

Enrollment Benefits

You will learn skills to help you recognize, evaluate, and control electrical hazards. This information will prepare you for additional safety training such as hands-on exercises and more detailed reviews of regulations for electrical work.

Your employer, co-workers, and community will depend on your expertise. Start your career off right by learning electrical safe practices and developing good safety habits while working with electricity. Safety is a very important part of any job. Do it right from the start.


  1. Electricity is Dangerous

  2. The Dangers of Electrical Shock

  3. Electrical Burns

  4. The Electrical Safety Model

  5. Recognizing Hazards

  6. Evaluating Your Risk

  7. Safe Work Environments

  8. Working on Live Circuits

  9. Safe Work Practices

  10. Electrical Protective Equipment

Intended Audience

  • Electrical Engineers 

  • Electronics Engineers

  • Senior Site Supervisors 

  • Technicians 

  • Maintenance Engineers and Supervisors 

  • Telecommunication Engineers 

  • Industrial Engineers

  • Mechanical Engineers 

Duration and Delivery

This training program takes 6 days to be completed. 

Methods of Delivery: 

  • Live Virtual Training on Zoom


  • Saturday, 2 July- Thursday, 7 July 2022  9:30 PM- 11:30 PM 

  • Friday, 15 July- Wednesday, 20 July 2022  7:30 PM- 9:30 PM 


Main Program Certificate

  • Electrical Safety for Technicians and Supervisors, OSHA USA

Other Program Certificates

  1. Electrical Safety Program 

  2. Electrical Protective Equipment

  3. Working on Live Circuits

  4. Safe Work Practices 

Sample Certificate- International



  • Al Danah Institute for Environmental and Science is an OSHA Approved Learning Partner. 

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Laila Ali

Expertise: Environment, Health, Safety ,and Quality


Wagdi Hanna

Expertise: Pioneer in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety. 

+25 Years of extensive experience. IOSH & NEBOSH & OSHA & IASP Certified Trainer

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Ayman Ali

Expertise: HSE in Oil & Gas, Process Safety Management, Occupational Health & Safety


  • 899 AED

  • 245 USD

Registration Process


1. Send us your full name, address, and phone number

2. Share with us the training date that suits you from the schedule above.

3. You will receive an invoice via email to complete payment and confirm your registration.


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