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Advanced Chemical Safety Program
OSHA Hazardous Chemicals

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OSHA Hazardous Chemicals Training Program

In this training program, you will learn how to classify hazardous chemicals in your workplace. This course also provides information on how to create a safety and health program to protect yourself and your co-workers.

As a chemical/ process/ petroleum engineer/chemist, this training program is will serve you well throughout your career. 

Fact: There are an estimated 650,000 hazardous chemical products and hundreds of new ones are being introduced annually. This poses a serious health and safety hazard for exposed employees.


This training program will discuss OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard in more in-depth and how employees can protect themselves from the dangers of hazardous chemicals in their work environment.

All employers must identify the hazardous chemicals they use and develop a hazard communication program (HAZCOM) to inform their employees about those chemicals. H

Protection under the Hazard Communication Standard includes all workers exposed to hazardous chemicals in all industrial sectors. This standard is based on a simple concept - that employees have both a need and a right to know the hazards and the identities of the chemicals they are exposed to when working. They also need to know what protective measures are available to prevent adverse effects from occurring.

"It was very helpful to break up the section covering the SDS labels. It allowed me to digest and synthesize the information more effectively." - Kelly E., USA

Enrollment Benefits

This training program will focus on the responsibilities of the employer in establishing and implementing an effective hazardous chemicals program. By the end of this program you should be able to:

  1. List the primary Hazard Communications Standard responsibilities for manufacturers, distributors, importers, and employers.

  2. Describe the four basic elements of the Hazard Communications Program.

  3. Discuss the nature of chemical hazards and the types of exposures they present.

  4. List the information required on each of the four types of hazardous chemical containers.

  5. Describe each of the 16 sections of a Safety Data Sheet (SDS).

  6. Identify the basic requirements of the hazard communication training program.


  1. Introduction to Safety Legislation

  2. General Responsibilities for Chemical Engineers

  3. Analyzing the Workplace

  4. Hazard Classification

  5. Container Labeling

  6. Chemicals Labelling

  7. Safety Data Sheets

  8. Information and Training

Intended Audience

  • Chemical Engineers

  • Process Engineers

  • Petroleum Engineers

  • Chemical Industry Professionals

  • Lab Technicians 

  • Chemists

  • Chemicals Production Engineers, Workers, and Supervisors

Why HSE?

Why Al Danah Institute?

Duration and Delivery

This training program takes 6 days to be completed.

Methods of Delivery: 

  • Live Virtual Training on Zoom

Language of Training: Select the preferred delivery language

  • English 

  • Arabic


  • Wednesday, 15 March- Monday, 20 March 2023   05:30 PM- 07:30 PM   UAE Time


  • On the last day of the training, participants will receive Final Exam via email. 

  • Multiple Choices Exam 


Main Program Certificate

  • Hazardous Chemicals Main Program Certificate

Other Program Certificates

  1. Chemical Safety  Certificate

  2. Hazardous Materials Certificate

  3. Hazardous Chemicals Classification Certificate

  4. Container Labeling Certificate

  5. Hazardous Chemicals Labelling Certificate

  6. Safety Data Sheets Certificate

Sample Certificate- International

hazardous chemicals osha certificate_cleanup.png


  • Al Danah Institute for Environmental and Science is an OSHA Approved Learning Partner. 

ATP_Certificate_Al_Danah_ Accreditation 2023_Image.jpg


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Laila Ali

Expertise: Environment, Health, Safety ,and Quality


Wagdi Hanna

Expertise: Pioneer in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety. 

+25 Years of extensive experience. IOSH & NEBOSH & OSHA & IASP Certified Trainer


  • 999 AED

  • Refer your friend/ colleague, and both of you will get a 15% discount

  • Note: To register as a group, please mention the full names, emails, and phone numbers in your email.

Registration Process


1. Send us your full name, address, and phone number

2. Share with us the training date that suits you from the schedule above.

3. You will receive an invoice via email to complete payment and confirm your registration.


Registration Email:

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