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HACCP Level 3

Level 3 HACCP Training course in Managing HACCP will provide supervisors, managers, and owners in food establishments the skills to produce and implement HACCP systems, follow HACCP regulations for businesses to meet their legal requirements.

The profitability of our food companies, be they manufacturing, catering or retail depend on our providing good quality products that are appealing, tasty, and safe. Failure to do this will result in loss of reputation, customers, and ultimately loss of profits.


This course aims to give you an in-depth level of understanding and a good working knowledge of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) which you will need to implement, manage and maintain an effective food safety management system in your business. This understanding will help ensure everyone works to the highest standards of food safety and hygiene while complying with the relevant food safety law.

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Identify the importance of HACCP-based food safety management systems

  • Recognize and identify hazards and risks

  • Identify what should be included in pre-requisite programs and their importance

  • Implement effective HACCP principles within a food business/environment

  • Describe what is included within a HACCP plan and why it is essential

  • Recognize Critical Control Points (CCPs) and how to put corrective action procedures in place

  • List the five preliminary steps included in the application of HACCP

  • Identify what a PFD (process flow diagram) is and how it can be useful in managing a food business


  • An Introduction to Level 3 HACCP in Managing

  • Module 1 - Food Safety Management and HACCP

  • Module 2 - Food Safety Hazards and Their Control

  • Module 3 - Prerequisite programs (PRPs)

  • Module 4 - Preliminary steps to developing a HACCP plan

  • Module 5 - Steps 6 to 12 of the Codex Twelve Step Logic Sequence


  • Food Safety & Hygiene Managers 

  • Food Safety & Quality Specialists 

  • Food Safety Supervisors 

  • Hygiene Officers 

  • Municipalities Inspectors 

  • Food Safety Inspectors 

  • Food Safety Associate 

  • Restaurants Managers 

  • Chefs & Chef Assistants 

  • Food Handlers 

  • Head of Catering 

  • Food Trucks Owners 


  • 3 Days

  • Live virtual training on zoom 



  1. On the last day of training, participants will undergo multiple choices exam. 

  2. The exam papers will be sent to each participant via email.  

  3. 15 Multiple Choices Exam. 


Course Certificate

Upon completion of training, attendees will receive: 

Certificate: HACCP Level 3

Awarding Body: Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi- UAE

Contact Us

Companies/ Individuals: Contact us to request quotation and get more details regarding fees and schedule. 


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