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HACCP Level 2

This Level 2 HACCP Training course in Understanding is for those individuals who need to put in a system and that they contribute to the company HACCP System.

Contaminated food that potentially could make us ill is a major hazard in the food industry. HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a food safety management system that aims to identify hazards, be they physical, chemical, biological, or allergic before they have a chance to harm the food we are producing or selling.

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Although a management strategic tool, the HACCP system can only operate successfully if all HACCP team members, and every person in the organization who is asked to play a part in HACCP food safety, knows what they are doing and why. This course is intended to enable everyone who has a role to play that concerns HACCP, such as; taking a measurement, observing a system, storing foods, or making a recording of temperature, to then carry out their role conscientiously and correctly because they will understand its importance. This is a key course for all food workers.

This course aims to give you, as a food worker, a good overall level of knowledge and understanding of what HACCP is, its origins, the HACCP principles, and your role within the food safety management system operating in your food business enabling you to work with food hygienically and safely.

Learning Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the origins of HACCP and its importance within the food industry

  • Know who should write a HACCP plan and what is included

  • Know the importance of maintaining HACCP documentation

  • Identify what is included in food hygiene laws

  • Know what Critical Control Points (CCPs) are and how to implement them

  • Know the 14 main food allergens and how to handle them safely

  • Understand the importance of preventing contamination and cross-contamination in HACCP systems

  • Identify food safety hazards and be able to control them effectively

  • Understand the role that cleaning and disinfection plays in a HACCP system


  • An Introduction to Level 2 HACCP in Understanding

  • Module 1 - An introduction to HACCP and Hazards Associated in the Food Industry

  • Module 2 - Implementing HACCP


  • Food Safety & Hygiene Managers 

  • Food Safety & Quality Specialists 

  • Food Safety Supervisors 

  • Hygiene Officers 

  • Municipalities Inspectors 

  • Food Safety Inspectors 

  • Food Safety Associate 

  • Restaurants Managers 

  • Chefs & Chef Assistants 

  • Food Handlers 

  • Head of Catering 

  • Food Trucks Owners 


  • 2 Days

  • Live virtual training on zoom 



  1. On the last day of training, participants will undergo multiple choices exam. 

  2. The exam papers will be sent to each participant via email.  

  3. 15 Multiple Choices Exam. 


Course Certificate

Upon completion of training, attendees will receive: 

Certificate: HACCP Level 2

Awarding Body: Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi- UAE


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