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First Aid Training
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Providing adequate first aid training is a must according to UAE Safety Law. If an employer has identified that first-aiders are needed in their workplace, they must ensure that those identified to be first-aiders undertake training appropriate to the need.


You never know when you may need to use first aid skills and have the confidence to act in a potentially life-threatening situation.

This training course will help you meet the legal requirements as well ensure that all employees know the fundamntals of first aid. 

Course Intro by Lauren
مقدمة الكورس بواسطة لورين

Regulatory Compliance
الامتثال للأنظمة و اللوائح- الصحة و السلامة

The Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations in the UAE require employers to provide adequate and appropriate equipment, facilities, and personnel to ensure their employees receive immediate attention if they are injured or taken ill at work. These Regulations apply to all workplaces including those with less than five employees and to the self-employed.

What is 'adequate and appropriate' will depend on the circumstances in the workplace. This includes whether trained first-aiders are needed, what should be included in a first-aid box, and if a first-aid room is required. Employers should carry out an assessment of first-aid needs to determine what to provide. 

The Regulations do not place a legal duty on employers to make first-aid provisions for non-employees such as the public or children in schools. However, HSE strongly recommends that non-employees are included in an assessment of first-aid needs and that provision is made for them.


Tourism authorities in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, and other emirates require basic First Aid Training to issue/ renew tour guides' licenses. This course will help you/ your company ensure that you meet the minimum legal requirements. 

Also, if you're an employer in Abu Dhabi/ Dubai/ Sharjah/ other emirates and you would like to train your employees to comply with government regulations, this training course is suitable for you. 


Introduction to Workplace First Aid

The Primary and Secondary Surveys

The Recovery Position and Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)

Treating Injuries: Part One

Treating Injuries: Part Two

Treating Injuries: Part Two

First Aid During COVID-19

  • What is first aid?, first aid during COVID-19, key annual statistics, the Health and Safety (First-Aid) Regulations 1981, medical assistance, first aid kit, the importance of infection prevention, hand hygiene, handwashing procedure, personal protective equipment (PPE), cleaning after delivering first aid, waste disposal after giving first aid, recordkeeping, and the Reporting of Injuries

  • The primary survey (DRABC), step 1 - danger, step 2 - response, step 3 - airway, step 4 - breathing, step 5 - circulation, primary survey example scenario, the secondary survey, and full body examination.

  • Use of an AED

  • Effective ventilations using a barrier device and bag-mask device

  • EXPANDED: Opioid-associated life-threatening emergencies

  • NEW: Role of the CPR coach;  Maternal cardiac arrest;  Anaphylaxis;  Drowning;  Heart attack and stroke;  and, Other life-threatening emergencies

  • Choking, wounds and bleeding, applying a bandage, shock, burns and scalds, electrical burns, and chemical burns.

  • Eye injuries, head injuries, fractures, sprains and strains, dislocations, making an arm sling, and spinal injuries.

  • Heart attacks, angina attacks, strokes, epilepsy, asthma, allergic reactions and anaphylaxis, diabetes, hyperventilation, nosebleeds, poisoning, and drowning.

  • The COVID-19 virus, how is COVID-19 transmitted?, employer duties for first aid and COVID-19, first aid training and COVID-19, delivering first aid during COVID-19, wearing PPE for first aid during COVID-19, how to correctly use gloves, how to correctly use face masks, how to correctly use aprons, how to correctly use eye protection, primary and secondary surveys during COVID-19, performing CPR during COVID-19, treating injuries and illnesses during COVID-19, cleaning after first aid during COVID-19, safely disposing of PPE and waste after first aid, and seeking advice if in close contact with casualties.

Medium of Instruction
اللغة المستخدمة في التدريب

First Aid Training can be delivered in three languages based on the client's need/ requirement. 


  • English 

  • Arabic 

  • Urdu/ Hindi

Laila Ali Bano Photo.jpg

Laila Ali

Expertise: Environment, Health, Safety ,and Quality


Wagdi Hanna

Expertise: Pioneer in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety. 

+25 Years of extensive experience. IOSH & NEBOSH & OSHA & IASP Certified Trainer

Mr. Ayman Photo.jpg

Ayman Ali

Expertise: HSE in Oil & Gas, Process Safety Management, Occupational Health & Safety

Course Trainers

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Enrollment Benefits
نتائج التعلم

The skills you learn in First Aid Training will enable you to:

  • Define their role as an emergency first aider.

  • Describe how to minimize risks to themselves and others.

  • Identify the need of establishing consent to provide first aid.

  • Complete an accident report form.

  • Identify first aid equipment that should be available in the workplace.

  • Describe the safe use of first aid equipment.

  • Conduct a scene survey, a primary casualty assessment, and call for help.

  • Assess a casualty’s level of consciousness, open a casualty’s airway, and check to breathe. 

  • Explain the importance of the recovery position.

  • Activate the emergency response system early

  • Respond quickly and confidently

  • Perform high-quality single-rescuer CPR and multi-rescuer team CPR

Other Features: 

  • This course is best suited to low-hazard workplaces (such as offices, shops, and restaurants) where a qualified first aider is not required according to the first aid needs assessment. It's considered best practice for all employees to be provided with first aid knowledge, particularly those who are in charge of first-aid arrangements, and this course satisfies that requirement.

An instructor-led, live virtual classroom-based session where you will benefit from ample opportunity for expert coaching, debriefing, team scenarios, and comprehensive skills testing.

الجمهور المستهدف

  • This course is suitable for people and businesses who wish to learn new first aid skills or refresh their existing first aid skills. No previous qualifications are needed to take this course as all the basic first aid techniques are covered throughout the training.

  • This course is best suited to low-hazard workplaces (such as offices, shops, and restaurants) where a qualified first aider is not required according to the first aid needs assessment. It's considered best practice for all employees to be provided with first aid knowledge, particularly those who are in charge of first-aid arrangements, and this course satisfies that requirement.


Practical [ Face- Face Training is available upon request by companies and organizations

Note: It takes 4- hours to complete the practical training [Face-Face Training] and 2-Hours to complete the Online Training. You have the option to select either live virtual training/ face-face training. [ Companies]

Advanced First Aid and CPR Training is available upon request. [ Companies]


Upon successful completion of First Aid at Work Training, participants will receive:


Certificate: First Aid at Workplace

Awarding Body: Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety, Abu Dhabi- UAE.

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Classes were light and they went fast.  Registration team were asking about my feedback regularly and they were very thoughtful.