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Fire Safety/ Fire Warden Training

كورس السلامة من الحرائق



Fire Safety & Fire Warden Training Course covers legal responsibilities, the common causes of fires, how to prevent them, what fire safety arrangements are necessary, and the importance of following emergency procedures.

If you are in charge of fire risk assessments and overseeing evacuation procedures, such as the employer of a workplace or a senior member of staff with fire safety responsibilities, this course can be a starting point for your knowledge, including for carrying out risk assessments. However, you will also need to receive a higher level of training than this course provides, such as our Fire Warden Training course, which goes into more detail. Fire wardens also need to receive practical training in using fire extinguishers.

If you're looking for a premium training experience, you have come to the right place.

Regulatory Compliance
الامتثال للأنظمة والقوانين- الصحة و السلامة

Health and Safety Regulations in the UAE require all companies to register their staff for basic fire safety training to ensure they can apply the skills they gain in the event of an emergency. 

Our Fire Safety Course with up-to-date fire safety regulations, standards, and best practices to implement. Our trainers have expertise in the UAE regulations and based on that they custom-tailored this course.  

By enrolling your staff in this course, you will help your company meet regulatory compliance, ensure that you're employees can act in the event of an emergency, and will save your company from legal liability. 


Introduction to Fire Safety

Fire Safety Law and Fire Risk Assessments

Fire Safety Measures

Evacuation Procedures and Emergency Plans

  • Why fire safety is important, the definition of fire safety at work, the fire triangle, types of fires, responsible persons, fire wardens, and employee duties.

  • Fire safety law and related regulations, who enforces fire safety?, and fire risk assessments.

  • Fire prevention measures, duties of manufacturers and suppliers of machines and equipment, hazard labelling and packaging, safety data sheets, alarm and detection systems, duties of manufacturers, importers, and distributors of electrical equipment and fire extinguishers.

  • Fire emergency plans, requirements of evacuation routes, evacuation procedures, evacuation procedures for vulnerabilities, fire drills, and fire signs.

What are the benefits of taking Fire Safety Training?

ماهلي الفوائد المرجوة من التسجيل في تدريب السلامة من الحرائق؟

Why Choose Al Danah Institute? 
لماذا اختيار معهد الدانة؟

Customer Satisfaction





Quality &






We are proud that most of our previously registered clients benefited a lot from enrolling in our training programs and courses, and the enrollment has helped them a lot in landing new jobs/ shifting from one industry to another smoothly. 

"Al Danah Institute is a one-stop-destination for Health & Safety Training"

Course-Takers, UAE

" Al Danah Institute is our long-term strategic partner, and we depend on them when it comes to health & safety training requirements. "

Head of Thermal Insulations- UAE

Enrollment Benefits
نتائج التعلم

Upon completion of Fire Safety Training, you will:

  • The fire triangle, explains how fires start.

  • What the law requires of businesses regarding fire safety and what everyone's responsibilities are.

  • The importance of a fire risk assessment.

  • Ways to prevent or control fires in your workplace.

  • The type of detection and warning systems which should be in place.

  • The different types of fire safety signs that workplaces should have.

  • How to ensure your evacuation routes and exits remain effective at all times.

  • The evacuation procedures that businesses should have in place.

An instructor-led, live virtual classroom-based session where you will benefit from ample opportunity for expert coaching, debriefing, team scenarios, and comprehensive skills testing.

الجمهور المستهدف

  • Any professional/ employee/ employer/ tour guides/ engineers/ technicians/ supervisors/ teachers/athletes/ project managers/ health and safety professionals/ students/ airport operation staff/ clinic and hospital staff/ nursery staff. 

Delivery Options
طريقة تقديم التدريب

  • Physical Training on The Client's Premises


  • Live Virtual Training on Zoom 



Phone#: +971 55 3612780

Note: Please make sure to send the following when requesting a Quotation. 

Company Name, Address, Phone Number, and The Total Number of Participants.


The Minimum Number for Physical Face-Face Training on your premises is 5 Participants. 


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