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Electrical Safety 
السلامة الكهربائية

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Electrical Safety Training Program has been designed to ensure that both employers and employees understand the main risks and the necessary controls for the safe use of electricity at work.


Wherever people are working, there are risks to the users of electrical installations and equipment that must be considered.

Program Intro by Lauren 
مقدمة الكورس بواسطة لورين

Regulatory Compliance
الامتثال للأنظمة واللوائح- الصحة و السلامة

The Electrical Safety course will help you ensure compliance with UAE Health and Safety legislation. It will help your employees understand the laws, avoid, and minimize the risks associated with Electricity. It will serve them well throughout their career. 

This course is suitable for workers of all levels, including employers, managers, supervisors, and employees whose work activities involve the use of electrical equipment or close contact with electrical installations. The course has been designed as an introduction to electrical safety and so no pre-requisite training is needed.


Introduction and Legislation

Risk Assessment


  • What is electrical safety? Statistics for electrical accidents, types of accidents and injuries, common causes of accidents and injuries, employer duties, the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989, and employee responsibilities.

  • What is a risk assessment? Key definitions, who should carry out a risk assessment? Identifying electrical hazards, the fire triangle, deciding who may be harmed and how, evaluating risks, the hierarchy of control, recording findings, and reviewing the risk assessment.

Avoiding, Preventing, and Minimising Risks​

  • Safe installations, safe electrical equipment, duties on manufacturers, importers or distributors, electrical controls and isolation, harsh work environments, portable electrical equipment, residual current devices, warning signs, fire safety, safe maintenance, and pre-use checks, inspections, and combined inspections and tests.

Working Safely with Electrical Equipment

  • Working near electrical installations, equipment and wiring, risk assessments and safe systems of work, overhead power lines, underground cables, working on equipment, machinery or installations, explosive atmospheres, competency requirements for working on or near live electrical equipment, instruction, information, and training, safe methods of working - PPE, duties on manufacturers and suppliers of PPE, and safe methods of working - first aid.

ARC Flash Protection

  • Understanding of ARC Flash

  • Causes of ARC Flash

  • Approach / Protection Boundaries

  • Energized Circuits 

  • De- Energized Circuits 

  • Employees Obligation 

  • Typical Results of ARC Flash 

  • Ways of Protecting Employees

مدة التدريب

3 Days

Medium of Instruction
اللغة المستخدمة في التدريب

Electrical Safety Training can be delivered in three languages based on the client's need/ requirement. 


  • English 

  • Arabic 

  • Urdu/ Hindi


Laila Ali Bano Photo.jpg

Laila Ali

Expertise: Environment, Health, Safety ,and Quality


Wagdi Hanna

Expertise: Pioneer in the Field of Occupational Health and Safety. 

+25 Years of extensive experience. IOSH & NEBOSH & OSHA & IASP Certified Trainer

Mr. Ayman Photo.jpg

Ayman Ali

Expertise: HSE in Oil & Gas, Process Safety Management, Occupational Health & Safety

Why Choose Al Danah Institute?
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Enrollment Benefits
نتائج التعلم و الفوائد المرجوة من التسجيل

The skills you learn in the Electrical Safety Course will enable you to:

  • Understand why training in electrical safety is essential for maintaining health and safety.

  • Have knowledge of your employer's, and your own, responsibilities under electrical safety legislation.

  • Understand what is involved in carrying out a risk assessment of the workplace.

  • Understand the importance of maintaining and inspecting electrical equipment.

  • Have knowledge of the controls that can be used to help make working with electricity safer.

  • Understand the best practices when working with electricity, including overhead power lines, underground cables and indoor work near to a source of electricity.

An instructor-led, live virtual classroom-based session where you will benefit from ample opportunity for expert coaching, debriefing, team scenarios, and comprehensive skills testing.

الجمهور المستهدف

The Electrical Safety course is suitable for workers of all levels, including employers, managers, supervisors, and employees whose work activities involve the use of electrical equipment or close contact with electrical installations. The course has been designed as an introduction to electrical safety and so no pre-requisite training is needed. Occupations that may find the training particularly useful include, but are not limited to:

  • Electricians.

  • Builders and construction workers.

  • IT technicians.

  • Communications engineers.

  • Power and energy suppliers and engineers.

  • Appliance repair workers.

  • PAT testers.

  • Cable engineers.


Face-Face Training is available upon request- Companies
In-House Training for your employees. Contact Us to schedule private training for your staff.  


Upon successful completion of each level, the participant will receive the following certificates: 

  1. Electrical Safety 

  2. Electrical Hazards and Control 

  3. Personal Protective Equipment 

Awarding Body: 

  • Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety


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What Our Students Say

Maitha Al Mazroui

informative course and excellent conductors. I received great material to go over later.

Fakhera Al Marar

Excellent info.  My instructor Ayman delivered the information in a simple and effective way. Registration is very helpful. I highly recommend it for engineers from all backgrounds.

Meera Al Shamsi

I took a virtual program from Al Danah institute and the course was wonderful and straightforward. Highly recommend it.

Amal Al Hosani

Classes were light and they went fast.  Registration team were asking about my feedback regularly and they were very thoughtful.