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EFST- Essential Food Safety Training
التدريب الأساسي لسلامة الأغذية

Approved Course


Essential Food Safety Training (EFST) is a program developed by the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority to have knowledge and understanding among all food handling individuals.

The EFST course includes the four essential pillars for safe food handling: how to avoid cross-contamination, how to cook, how to clean, and how to chill safely.

Course Intro by Lauren
مقدمة الكورس بواسطة لورين

Regulatory Compliance
الامتثال للأنظمة و اللوائح- الصحة و السلامة

Food Businesses in the UAE including restaurants, food trucks, food factories, hotels, hospitals, schools, colleges, and resorts must have proper food safety systems. 

By law, all food handlers must have an understanding of the basic principles of food hygiene and know how to work safely so as to protect the food they serve from contamination.

The course provides learners with up-to-date food hygiene and food safety information using a range of written text, interactive exercises, and video content to ensure learners thoroughly comprehend their food safety responsibilities.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, this training course will benefit you. 


The Importance of Food Safety

Food Safety Legislation

Food Storage

Food Preparation

Personal Hygiene

Food Premises Design, Layout, Size and Suitability

Food Premises Cleaning and Disinfection

  • What is Food Safety and Hygiene? Why is it so important? How does it affect the reputation of the business? What are the benefits of maintaining hygiene? 

  • Food hygiene and the law, food safety management systems, employer responsibilities, enforcement of food safety law, legal notices, prosecution and due diligence.

  • Suppliers and deliveries, food labelling, use by and best before dates, safe food storage, dry food stores, fruit and vegetable storage, chilled food storage, refrigerator temperatures, frozen food storage, freezing and thawing, and stock rotation.

  • Thawing frozen food, cooking and reheating, taking food temperatures, cooling food, hot holding, cold holding, and food service.

  • Food handler responsibilities, hand hygiene, hand washing procedures, protective gloves, further hygiene considerations, protective clothing, first aid kits, wounds and sores.

  • Food handler responsibilities, food premises and the law, principles of design, food handling equipment and waste management.

  • Why we clean, cleaning and disinfection, cleaning schedules, safe cleaning, clean as you go, six stages of cleaning, cleaning food storage areas and chillers, dishwashers, pests and preventing pests.

Why Choose Al Danah Institute?
لماذا اختيار معهد الدانة؟

Enrollment Benefits
الفوائد من التسجيل

Upon completion of EFST Training, participants will understand the following:

  • Understand your responsibilities, and those of your employer, under UAE food hygiene regulations, and be able to explain the principles of food safety management systems.

  • Identify microbiological, physical, chemical, and allergenic hazards and understand why it’s important to control contamination and how you can control it.

  • Understand how premises should be designed to reduce hazards, and be aware of your responsibilities around cleaning and pest control.

  • Understand safe practices around food storage for different types of food, be able to explain the difference between ‘use by’ and ‘best before dates, and know-how to carry out the effective stock rotation.

  • Be aware of the importance of personal hygiene, how to carry out proper handwashing procedures, and recognize when it's important to wash your hands.

  • Understand how to prepare food safely, including how to thaw, cook, cook, reheat, and hold hot food, as well as how to properly take food temperatures.

An instructor-led, live virtual classroom-based session where you will benefit from ample opportunity for expert coaching, debriefing, team scenarios, and comprehensive skills testing.

الجمهور المستهدف

  • The course is suitable for food handlers in all disciplines of the catering sector, including restaurants, hotels, cafes, fast-food outlets, takeaways, mobile food trucks, kitchens, hospitals, schools, and colleges.

مدة التدريب

  • 6-Hour Training 

  • There will be 45 minutes break


  • After completing the training, participants will need to attend an exam at Syscoms College Abu Dhabi for the final certificate.

In-House Training
تدريب خاص-في مقر العميل


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What Our Clients Say

Maitha Al Mazroui

informative course and excellent conductors. I received great material to go over later.

Fakhera Al Marar

Excellent info.  My instructor Ayman delivered the information in a simple and effective way. Registration is very helpful. I highly recommend it for engineers from all backgrounds.

Meera Al Shamsi

I took a virtual program from Al Danah institute and the course was wonderful and straightforward. Highly recommend it.

Amal Al Hosani

Classes were light and they went fast.  Registration team were asking about my feedback regularly and they were very thoughtful.

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