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Arabic Language Course- 6 Levels

"The topics covered in OSHA 10-hour Safety and Health Training Program were relevant to my scope of work, and the training was beneficial". 

Moza Almuhairi, Environmental Engineer

Young Businesswoman


The OSHA 10-hour Safety and Health Professional Training Program is a fundamental program designed to provide participants with a solid foundation in occupational safety and health principles and practices. Developed by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), this program aims to equip workers with the knowledge and skills necessary to identify, avoid, and mitigate workplace hazards effectively.

Program Introduction

Learning Objectives

Understanding the OSHA Purpose and Standards:

  • Understand the mission and purpose of OSHA.

  • Learn about worker rights and employer responsibilities under OSHA regulations

Understanding the Hazard Identification Process:

  • Identify common workplace hazards in general industry environments.

  • Understand how to recognize physical, chemical, ergonomic, and biological hazards.

Understanding Basic Accident Investigation:

  • Identify the purpose and benefits of accident investigation.

  • Learn how to conduct a basic accident investigation.

Identifying the Hazards Associated with Walking and Working Surfaces:

  • Recognize slip, trip, and fall hazards in general industry settings.

  • Understand OSHA requirements for maintaining safe walking and working surfaces.

Understanding the Basic Emergency Action Plans and Fire Prevention Plans:

  • Understand the components and importance of EAPs and FPPs.

  • Learn emergency response procedures, including evacuation routes and procedures.

  • Identify fire hazards and prevention measures, including the use of fire extinguishers.

Understanding the Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Identify common types of PPE used in general industry (e.g., eye protection, gloves, respiratory protection).

  • Learn how to select appropriate PPE based on workplace hazards.

  • Understand employer responsibilities and employee rights related to PPE.

Understanding the Basic Ergonomics Hazards in General Industry:

  • Identify ergonomic risk factors in general industry tasks (e.g., lifting, repetitive motions, awkward postures).

  • Learn ergonomic principles and best practices for workstation design and setup.

Understanding Basic Hearing Protection:

  • Recognize the effects of noise on hearing health.

  • Understand OSHA's requirements for hearing conservation programs.


  • Chemical Engineers

  • Process Engineers

  • Petroleum Engineers

  • Industrial Hygienists

  • Environmental Scientists 

  • Lab Professionals 

  • Waste Management Engineers

  • Environmental Safety and Health Engineers

  • Chemicals Manufacturing Staff

Program Topics

OSHA Introduction:

  • Overview of OSHA's mission, goals, and regulatory framework

  • Rights and responsibilities of employers and workers under OSHA

Basic Hazard Communication:

  • Overview of OSHA's Hazard Communication Standard (HazCom)

Walking and Working Surfaces:

  • Identification of slip, trip, and fall hazards in general industry

  • OSHA requirements for maintaining safe walking and working surfaces

Exit Routes, Emergency Action Plans, and Fire Prevention:

  • Understanding emergency exit requirements, creating emergency action plans, and fire prevention techniques

Introduction to Industrial Hygiene:

  • Identifying common workplace hazards such as noise, chemicals, and radiation, and understanding methods to control exposure

Basic Accident Investigation:

  • Understanding the importance of accident investigation, its goals, and the benefits of identifying root causes

  • Clarifying the roles and responsibilities of various stakeholders in the accident investigation process, including management, supervisors, and employees

Basic Personal Protective Equipment (PPE):

  • Identifying appropriate PPE for various workplace hazards and understanding employer responsibilities and employee rights regarding PPE

Basic Ergonomics in the General Industry:

  • Understanding the definition of ergonomics and its importance in promoting health and safety in the workplace

  • Identifying common ergonomic hazards in the workplace, such as awkward postures, repetitive motions, forceful exertions, and prolonged sitting or standing

Basic Hearing Protection:

  • Understanding the importance of hearing protection in the workplace and the potential consequences of hearing loss

Safety Regulatory Compliance

As an employer, this professional development training program will help your company meet the MINIMUM regulatory compliance requirements for engineers, non-engineering staff, office staff, clinics and hospital staff, airport staff, safety engineers and safety officers. As OSHA 10-hour Certificate is recognized by governmental and semi-governmental bodies in the UAE.

Professional Development and Career Prospect



  • Demonstrate commitment to workplace safety, which is a critical consideration for employers in all industries.

  • Increase your attractiveness to employers seeking candidates with knowledge of regulatory compliance and safety management.



Industry Recognition:

  • Certification from OSHA training programs validates your expertise and commitment to safety practices.

  • Enhance your professional reputation within your organization and industry.


Global Job Market Demand:

  • Many employers require OSHA certification as a prerequisite for certain positions, particularly those involving hazardous work environments or industries with stringent safety regulations. Having an OSHA 10-hour certification can expand job opportunities and increase the likelihood of meeting specific job requirements.


Career Advancement:

  • Enhance your resume with a recognized certification in workplace safety.

  • Stand out to employers who prioritize safety and regulatory compliance.

Program Trainers

Trainer Laila Photo.JPG

Senior HSE Trainer & Consultant
Laila Ali

Ms. Laila Ali is one of the few competent health and safety trainers in the UAE. Her unique teaching methodology makes her one of the few favorite health and safety trainers in the UAE. She focuses on student-equal participation and interaction. Also, she simplifies the complex topics. 

NEBOSH IGC new post DEC, 2020_edited.jpg

Health & Safety Trainer and Specialist
Wagdi Han

Mr. Wagdi is a pioneer in the occupational health and safety field. He has decades of expertise in delivering all workplace safety programs and courses in the UAE, the Middle East, and Globally. 

Delivery & Duration & Medium of Instruction


  • Online on Zoom 


  • 5 Days

Medium of Instruction:

  • English 

  • Arabic



  • On the last day of the training, participants will take the final exam

  • The exam paper will be sent to each participant via email 

  • Multiple Choices Questions 

Program Certificates

Upon successful completion of the OSHA 10-hour Safety and Health in the General Industry Training Program, participants will receive the following certificates:

Main Program Professional Certificate:

  • OSHA 10-hour Safety and Health in the General Industry Program Certificate

Other Course Certificates:

  1. Introduction to OSHA Certificate

  2. Basic Accident Investigation Certificate

  3. Walking and Working Surfaces Certificate

  4. Basic Emergency Action Plans, Fire Prevention Plans Certificate

  5. Basic Personal Protective Equipment Certificate

  6. Basic Hazard Communication Certificate

  7. Introduction to Industrial Hygiene Certificate

  8. Ergonomics Hazards in the General Industry Certificate

  9. Hearing Protection Certificate

  • Validity:

    • Lifetime​

  • Awarding Body:

    • OSHA, USA​

Note: Client will receive the program certificates+ Official Transcript+ E-Card

Program Sample Certificate


Clients' Reviews

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1,299 AED

699 AED

**Limited Time Offer**

Registration Process

Filling Out a Form

To register for the training, please send the following via email/ Whatsapp:

  1. Select the dates and the timings from the schedule above

  2. Send your full name, address, and phone number

  3.  The invoice will be sent, and once you complete the payment you will receive a confirmation email 



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