Hazard Communication Specialist Chemical Safety [HCS]

Course Overview


In 2019,  OSHA issued 3,624 hazard communication standard citations costing American companies $4,682,380. Over 43 million workers are exposed to hazardous chemicals at work, and they have the right to know what those chemicals are and their dangers. In this course, participants learn how to prevent workplace violations and injury lawsuits, they learn more about OSHA’s standard. This course will help you get yourself up to speed, consider getting certified as a Hazard Communication Specialist (HCS). 

Course Objectives

Upon the completion of the course, participant will be able to:

  • Dive deep into OSHA’s hazard communication standard, 29 CFR 1910.1200. 

  • Understand the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) 

  • Label  Hazardous Chemicals.

  • Gain the knowledge, skills and resources for complying with 29 CFR 1910.1200 and going beyond it to create a safer workplace through HAZCOM.


  • Chemical Engineers

  • Chemists 

  • Lab Technicians 

  • Waste Management Consultants

  • Petroleum Engineers

  • Environmental Scientists 

  • Environmental Engineers


  • 4 Days 


  • Globally Harmonized System overview: Our course discusses why OSHA adopted GHS and compares HAZCOM 1994 requirements to the new version.

  • Labeling hazardous chemicals: It’s critical to understand the GHS labeling and pictogram requirements. You’ll also discover what chemicals need labeling and how to label them correctly.

  • GHS pictogram assessments: Your employees must be able to recognize the GHS pictograms. To stay compliant, you must reassess your employees’ memory every so often. Learn how to put their knowledge to the test.

  • Safety Data Sheet (SDS) formatting: OSHA requires chemical SDSs to have a uniform 16-section format. Learn how to read these sheets and verify the compliance of distributed SDSs.

  • Changes to the physical and health hazard classifications: Get up to date on the classifications you need to communicate and train your workers on.

  • Developing a hazard communication program: OSHA requires employers to maintain a hazard communication program. The plan must include appropriate labeling, SDSs and training for workers. It must be documented and periodically reassessed. You’ll learn the steps involved in creating a comprehensive program that meets or exceeds OSHA standards.



  • On the last day of training, participants will take open book exam to test their knowledge.

  • 20 Multiple Choices Questions.


  • Upon a successful completion of the course, participants receive Hazard Communication Specialist Certificate from Al Danah Institute for Environmental Health and Safety, UAE.

Additional Information

  •  The presented course, materials, and workshop (if any) can be conducted in English or Arabic based on the participants’ desires.

  • Closing of registration is 2 days prior to the course date.

  • Course fees cover course registration, course materials and course certificate. 

  • In-House training for this course is available upon request and can be customized as per client’s needs.

  • Al Danah Institute can assist and provide corporate rates for the hotel accommodation if required.

  • There is 15% discount for a group of participants, 5 participants and above.

Course Accreditation


This course is accredited locally- UAE  by ACTVET-Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocational Education and Training. 

Course Fees

995 AED

What Our Students Say

Dr. Ahmed, Professor at UAEU

OSH Advanced Diploma Training sessions were useful. We learnt a lot. Special Thanks to registration team who arranged the training. 

Amal Al Hosani, Environmental Scientist 

Classes were light and they went fast. My instructor Jamal delivered the information in a simple yet efficient way and he was very kind.
Moreover, management team were asking about my feedback regularly and they were very thoughtful.

Shoaib Tabbasum, Food Safety

I really enjoyed the training. Dr. Mamdouh was very kind. He is one of the best instructor I have ever met in my entire life.