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ARC Flash Protection


Fixing Electricity Lines

Simply put, an arc flash is a phenomenon where a flashover of electric current leaves its intended path and travels through the air from one conductor to another, or to the ground. The results are often violent and when a human is in close proximity to the arc flash, serious injury and even death can occur. 


Because of the violent nature of an arc flash exposure when an employee is injured, the injury is serious – even resulting in death. It’s not uncommon for an injured employee to never regain their past quality of life. Extended medical care is often required, sometimes costing in excess of $1,000,000.


Learning Outcomes







Sample- Certificate


Upon successful completion of ARC Flash Protection training, attendees will know: 

A number of ways to protect themselves and their teams from the threat of electrical hazards.


The methods are for the protection of qualified employees doing work on electrical circuits and other methods are geared towards non-qualified employees who work nearby energized equipment.

The serious danger of ARC Flash. 

  • 2 Days 

  • Online training on zoom 

  • Thursday, 28 October- Friday 29 October 2021    8:00 PM- 10:00 PM

  • Tuesday, 2 November- Wednesday, 3 November 2021      9:00 PM- 11:00 PM 

  • Tuesday, 9 November- Wednesday, 10 November 2021      9:00 PM- 11:00 PM 

  1. Understanding of ARC Flash

  2. Causes of ARC Flash

  3. Approach / Protection Boundaries

  4. Energized Circuits 

  5. De- Energized Circuits 

  6. Employees Obligation 

  7. Typical Results of ARC Flash 

  8. Ways of Protecting Employees  

  • Attendance is only required to pass the course. 

Upon successful completion of training, attendees will receive: 

Certificate: ARC Flash Protection

Awarding Body: International Association of Safety Professionals, North Carolina- USA

Arc Flash Protection Certificate is accredited internationally & nationally by: 

IACET: International Association of Continuing Education and Training

ANSI: American National Standard Institute

ACTVET: Abu Dhabi Centre for Technical and Vocation Training and Education 

NQA: National Qualification Authority 

ARC Flash IASP Sample Certificate (1).png

595 AED

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