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About Us


For the last years, Al Danah Institute has helped many clients from different educational and professional backgrounds achieve their goals by pursuing  internationally & locally accredited certificates. We are proud that our previously registered clients & students were totally happy and satisfied with the learning outcomes.


We offer live virtual classes that can be taken by many students from all over the world. Our training programs & courses were carefully designed and taught by certified health and safety experts who have expertise in the environment, health, and safety field. Our courses and programs have been designed to meet the job market demand and to let our students learn more about   the latest industry best safety practices. Also, to give students the edge they need in a competitive job market.

Modern Office


Our training programs and courses meet the market demand. As we know occupational health and safety field becomes an essential part of our economic growth. The government is aware of the well-being of its people. It's a crucial part of increasing their productivity and contribution to their country's success.

Leadership and Management 

We help leaders have a wow factor in their lives.  

Custom- Tailored Training

We offer custom-tailored training programs and courses based on our clients' needs.


We focus on delivering high-quality training. Our trainers are among the best trainers in the middle east. According to our previously registered clients and students, our trainers have been rated 10/10 in terms of training delivery quality. 

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